Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash involves a very thorough overhaul of the air conditioning fancoil unit.

This service is needed when a general cleaning of the aircon unit does not improve the condition.

Scope of Work

Disconnection of the electrical wiring and refrigerant piping

Dismantle down the whole fancoil unit

Dismantling of individual fancoil parts for chemical wash

Service electronic circuit board and fan motor

Assemble fancoil upon completion of chemical washing

Install fancoil unit and connect electrical wiring and refirgerant piping

Check control and thermostats

Test run system

Chemical Wash is NOT Chemical Cleaning – Know The Difference

There are many vendors in the market promoting and offering cheaply-priced “chemical cleaning work”. This is not the same as proper aircon chemical wash.

This so-called “chemical cleaning” is merely spraying of some chemical compound on the front surface of the fancoil and the chemical is washed away with some water.

This type of cleaning work is not thorough enough as the whole fancoil is not dismantled down and stripped apart for proper chemical washing and treatment.

Such shoddy “chemical cleaning” is only able to clean the outer surface but does not reach the interior and back side of the fancoil.

This method of cleaning will also leave chemical residue trapped inside the fancoil which will then cause corrosion of the cooling coil.

The only proper way of doing chemical wash on an aircon is to dismantle down the whole fancoil, as per what all major air conditioner manufacturers recommend and practise.


Clears water leak problem

Improves cooling while you save on electrical consumption

Save on total maintenance cost

Prolongs the life span of equipment

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