Aircon Gas Top-Up

Why It Is Important to Check and Top Up Gas?

Gas leaks happen to air-conditioners and will directly affect the unit’s efficiency.

Aside from your room not getting cold enough, the compressor does not benefit from the cooling effect of the gas which eventually causes it to overheat and fail.

The evaporating coils receive the cold gas from the refrigerant and if it’s not cold the evaporator will stop operating.

Refrigerant chemical leaking from your AC can be harmful to the environment if it gets to the water system.

The Process of Top Up Gas

Aircon gas top-ups can only be done effectively and safely by a professional technician.

They use a gauge to check for the refrigerant level inside your air-conditioning unit. It will tell them the level of gas that needs to be filled into the refrigerant storage.

A refrigerant tank will be used to charge up gas into the air-conditioner so that the gas levels go back to normal.

This will be tested back again using the gas gauge to ensure that your AC will have enough refrigerant inside.

Your aircon technician will only use the right type of gas to refill your refrigerant storage.

It is not safe to use an R410 tank on an R22 tank and vice versa.

Aside from that, the technician will also recommend repairs to the refrigerant unit if it has damaged so that it won’t leak anymore.

Other faulty components need to be checked to ensure the safety of the unit.

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